Why choose the SOLISE ultra-compact lithium battery for your motorbike?


SOLISE batteries are considerably lighter than traditional lead batteries. For example, the SOLISE 12V CCA-540 battery (reference : BM12005) weighs just 740g, 7 times less than a traditional 14Ah lead battery (5kg). Its low weight makes it the preferred choice of racers when it comes to lightening their bikes.


Thanks to its compact size, the SOLISE battery fits all models of motorbike. Its flexible connection system means it can be installed with left or right-hand terminals, making it easy to fit into any space.


Ready to use, the SOLISE battery connects in the blink of an eye, with no need for acid filling, resting or prior recharging (if used within 6 months of purchase). It can be installed in any orientation, simplifying installation.


The SOLISE lithium battery lasts 5 times longer than the best lead-acid batteries, thanks to its ability to perform many charge/discharge cycles.*

*Laboratory tests for complete charge/discharge at ambient temperature.


SOLISE lithium batteries can be safely stored over winter without suffering any damage. To do this, fully recharge them before storage, and they will remain so for 18 months without any problems.


After a normal start, the SOLISE battery recharges in less than 60 seconds, guaranteeing constant energy availability. If you recharge your lithium battery with a charger, it is essential to use one that is compatible with the battery technology.


SOLISE lithium batteries are not only more durable, but also more environmentally friendly. They emit no gases during charging and discharging and contain no harmful heavy metals, unlike lead, gel or AGM batteries. Lithium batteries are 100% recyclable.


To find the battery best suited to your motorbike, consult our table of equivalence based on lead-acid batteries. For batteries with a capacity between two models, always choose the larger model.

An undersized battery will not be able to start your motorbike. This will damage the battery and considerably shorten its life until it stops working altogether.

Product reference Voltage  Characteristics  Equivalent lead battery  Peak current Dimensions Weight
B06003 6V Without electric starter 4Ah 13A 60(L)x33(W)x78(H)mm 240g
B06007 6V Without electric starter 7Ah 13A 77(L)x39(W)x79(H)mm 380g
B06010 6V Without electric starter 10Ah 13A 85(L)x57(W)x76(H)mm 540g
B12003L 12V Without electric starter 7Ah 12A 107(L)x78(W)x27(H)mm 380g
BM12003 12V With electric starter Up to 7Ah  120A 110(L)x28(W)x75(H)mm 370g
BM12005 12V With electric starter 8Ah to 12Ah 240A 110(L)x55(W)x75(H)mm 740g
BM12007 12V With electric starter 13Ah to 18Ah 360A 110(L)x80(W)x80(H)mm 1kg
BM12007S 12V With electric starter 13Ah to 18Ah 360A 145(L)x55(W)x80(H)mm 1kg
BM12009 12V With electric starter 19Ah to 28Ah 480A 110(L)x110(W)x75(H)mm 1.3kg

Note that the 6V battery models and the B12003L are only compatible with motorbikes without an electric starter.


The connection kit (reference : K005G) is included with starter batteries for motorbikes without an electric starter. The lead connects directly to the motorbike's terminals, and its plug system makes it easy to disconnect without having to unscrew the terminals. Note that this lead is not included with the battery (reference : B12003L)

The connection kit (reference : K009G) is included with starter batteries for motorbikes with electrics starters. The cable connects directly to the motorbike's terminals, and its plug system makes it easy to disconnect without having to unscrew the terminals.

Tip : equip all your motorbikes with this connector so you can easily transfer your battery from one bike to another.


Protective cases provide additional mechanical protection for your battery. These resistant plastic (PLA) cases provide affective protection against shocks and water splashes. All SOLISE protective cases are made to measure by 3D printing.

 A balancing card is included with the protective case, enabling the cells to be balanced during charging (with the alternator or charger), which extends the life of the battery. If you don't take the protective case, we strongly recommend you add this balancing card (reference : ACC009). It simply plugs into the small white sock on our lithium starter batteries.

Product reference Characteristics  Corresponding battery reference Dimensions
B12003B Enclosure with mounting brackets B12003L 143(L)x35(W)x83(H)mm
B12003BR Case without mounting brackets B12003L 119(L)x35(W)x83(H)mm
BM12003B Enclosure with mounting brackets BM12003 110(L)x28(W)x75(H)mm
BM12003BR Case without mounting brackets BM12003 130(L)x36(W)x84(H)mm
BM12005B Enclosure with mounting brackets BM12005 155(L)x61(W)x83(H)mm
BM12005BR Case without mounting brackets BM12005 130(L)x61(W)x83(H)mm
BM12007B Enclosure with mounting brackets BM12007 156(L)x90(W)x83(H)mm
BM12007BR Case without mounting brackets BM12007 130(L)x90(W)x84(H)mm
BM12007SB Enclosure with mounting brackets BM12007S 130(L)x63(W)x151(H)mm
BM12007SBR Case without mounting brackets BM12007S 105(L)x63(W)x151(H)mm
BM12009B Enclosure with mounting brackets BM12009 157(L)x118(W)x84(H)mm
BM12009BR Case without mounting brackets BM12009 130(L)x118(W)x84(H)mm

If you purchase the battery and protective case at the same time, we will assemble the battery in the case free of charge.