Discover our range of lithium starter batteries for motorbikes

Solise batteries replace your old lead-acid battery without requiring any modifications. This cutting-edge technology improves performance while saving space and weight. They recharge quickly via your motorbike's alternator. Installation is quick and easy with the connectors supplied.

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Guide to choosing your make of motorbike :

Moto KTM          Moto YAMAHA          Moto HONDA          Moto KAWASAKI          Moto SUZUKI
Moto BMW         Moto TRIUMPH         Moto DUCATI          Moto APRILIA               Moto HARLEY DAVIDSON



Boost your motorbike's performance with SOLISE lithium batteries. Designed to offer maximum power, fast loading and long life, our lithium batteries are ideal for all types of motorbike, from sports bikes to cruisers.

Thanks to their light weight and exceptional reliability, they not only improve your bike's acceleration and handing, but also require less maintenance.


Protect your lithium battery with SOLISE protective cases, specially designed to ensure maximum safety for your motorbike. Our shock and weather-resistant cases provide effective protection, extending the life of your lithium battery. 

Easy to install, they are available in several models.


Optimise your motorbike's performance with SOLISE lithium battery chargers. Designed to provide fast, efficient loading, they extend the life of your battery while ensuring optimum safety. 


Optimise your motorbike's connectivity with SOLISE connectors, designed to ensure a reliable and secure connection for your lithium battery. Our connector solutions are compatible with all types of motorbike, making it easy to integrate and use our high-performance batteries.


Discover the SOLISE range of accessories, specially designed to optimise the use of our lithium batteries. Our accessories include practical mounting solutions, protective covers and much more, all manufactured to ensure optimum compatibility and long-lasting performance.